Monday, January 31, 2011

Almost there

Today i took the exam if I;m eligible to enter Teletech, and thank God I passed. so tomorrow ill be interviewed.

I met 3 persons today, Ate Loiue, ate Jona and I forgot the other woman. They are all older than me(in their 30's actually). Ate Louie recently resigned from her job in LTO. Ate Jona is currently working in Deped and today she sneaked out of job to take the exam and the other woman which I forgot the name works in Transcom(beside Tiendesitas) but will resign because of strict policies the company is implementing. I Hope the others passed as well.

Inside the Call center, you will see different people, some are young and some are very old. And most of them are quite fashionistas, even gays are wearing high heeled stilettos and weird hair cuts. And they have the doors inside only opens when u scan ur ID in an ID scanner(Obviously) which is right beside the door.

There are 3 doors, 2 rotating and 1 glass door with wood borders in between. I am really curious why some people are only using the rotating doors and some only uses the glass door. That will be the first thing I will know when i get hired(Hopefully)

I really hope my confidence will stay with me all throughout the interview.. GAMBARE!

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