Monday, January 31, 2011

Almost there

Today i took the exam if I;m eligible to enter Teletech, and thank God I passed. so tomorrow ill be interviewed.

I met 3 persons today, Ate Loiue, ate Jona and I forgot the other woman. They are all older than me(in their 30's actually). Ate Louie recently resigned from her job in LTO. Ate Jona is currently working in Deped and today she sneaked out of job to take the exam and the other woman which I forgot the name works in Transcom(beside Tiendesitas) but will resign because of strict policies the company is implementing. I Hope the others passed as well.

Inside the Call center, you will see different people, some are young and some are very old. And most of them are quite fashionistas, even gays are wearing high heeled stilettos and weird hair cuts. And they have the doors inside only opens when u scan ur ID in an ID scanner(Obviously) which is right beside the door.

There are 3 doors, 2 rotating and 1 glass door with wood borders in between. I am really curious why some people are only using the rotating doors and some only uses the glass door. That will be the first thing I will know when i get hired(Hopefully)

I really hope my confidence will stay with me all throughout the interview.. GAMBARE!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just to say hello

3:46 am

My back is aching coz I've been sitting here since 8pm.

Ate a lot today coz today is my sister's birthday.

Was going to sleep earlier but I got these feeling of drawing but ended up drawing nothing.


mosquitos biting my legs and flying around my ear, i hear them buzzing so I kept swatting the air.


checking my facebook account for the last time before going to sleep
No Messages, No Notifications , 1 friend request


going to sleep now.
going to blog what will happen later :))

Good morning


Friday, January 28, 2011

One Step Forward

Today I got my SSS number.. It's a requirement for job hunter like me. Just little bit more and I am set on Monday. Actually, I really like to get a job but really can't put my heart on it though I really expected that I will stop at sometime because the tuition fee is very expensive and my family isn't that rich. Maybe I'm just being anxious on what will happen on Monday, but I know I can get the Job, i just wish that my confidence will stay with me. Just A step forward to my unexpected career.

Another step forward is that sister met his father online. After 22 years, they meet online since her father is in Qatar. few days back, she opened her old mail without reason and found out that her father sent an email on her Birthday and she was really surprised. Today, the had this Cam to Cam conversation and I really can see that she is happy except her mom isn't. Obviously they are not in good terms. NAIINGGIT AKO! yes! I am! I ENVY HER very much. She already saw her long lost father, now I want to see my long lost mother. I just found out that she left me when I was a day old. and she came back to see me but I don't remember because I was very young then. Hoping that God will also bless me and make way for me to see my mother.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Finished my resume today, and finally ready to work. I am really hoping that I get to work at night since staying up late is what I'm good at and I cant sleep at night. drew something today, and I promise myself that I will finish it within this week.
I finished one today, it is for a friend, actually a gift on her debut since I am asked to draw her. I find the soldier cap funny because i really don't have clue what a soldier's cap looks like. Going to print this tomorrow and buy a frame with it so I wouldn't ruin it before the party
That's it for tonight/today.. gotta go to bed so I can wake up earlier tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

College Crushes(CC's)

College crushes are very different from the ones I had my eye on during high school. First of all, I'm don't show any shyness towards my CC's unlike during high school where I seldom speak when I'm with my HC's. And of course, my CC's are more good looking than than my HCs. Maybe because people start to mature in college that changes how they look like. :))

I had this person which I've been seeing around school. I think he is from the Business Administration Department which I have friends (former P.E and NSTP classmates). We have already spoke at each other during our P.E class in Splash Island and that was the last time we talked to each other. I have this habit of pretending not to notice people mostly my crushes maybe because I have this awkward feeling of looking at people's face so I try to look at other things or talk to my friend(I don't walk alone in school, I always ask for a person to accompany me) so that I don't have to look at that person. There was this time I was walking out the door and heard my classmate calling me so I looked back with a weird position(I don't how you call it, but in tagalog its tihaya.). So when I looked the first person I saw is my Crush and he was looking at me and smiling, so I try not to look at him and look for my classmate. The second time I had eye contact with him, It was my last day at school, I was looking for my friend because I have to borrow a phone so I can text at home. Since I know they will be having a computer class, I went to the computer room. I haven't reached the room but I knew that they weren't there because different people were entering the room. So I was going back but when I saw him again, across the room looking at me(No he is not smiling coz that will be very weird, SMILING at people everytime) so we had this eye contact for like 3 seconds or more then I was trying to move my head away but I can't so I moved my eyes away and looked at the bulletin board and pretended that I was reading the Blood Donation news and slowly walked away trying not to look again.

Me and my crush are Facebook friends with the help of my friend which I asked to suggest me as a friend on Facebook. But Unluckily, he added the other account which I made so I can do wallposts for my Ex. But its better than nothing

CRUSH<--- he is this person, just so you know. :))

I have been trying to post something everyday before I sleep until this blog become a Habit. Goodluck to my future plans with this blog and to my CC's and HC's


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

IU- like a star(Corrine Bailey Rae)


Being an honor student in grade school is very risky. Parents have the tendency to make you the TOP student all the way to graduation. I'ts not that I do not appreciate the adults' efforts, It's just that they are overdoing it.

This kid had the same routine everyday. Go to school. Do Homeworks for an hour then go outside to play. He does the same thing every weekdays. Recognition day comes, he was awarded 1st honor. Parents start to go crazy about the award, making him study all week except Saturday(the only day he can play). Recognition day comes, the kid got second honor, then the parents goes crazier making the poor kid study all WEEK especially exams which the kid is asked to stay up late to study. Recognition day comes, the kid got the first honor award again, so the parents kept doing the same thing, Make him study all WEEK. no play no TV.

It's not that studying is really bad. But gosh, its a grade school kid, what do you expect? Stay at home and read books all day? Grade school is very different from college but I've been there. I know how it feels to be that KID who has that overly 1st honor addicted parents. I wish the parents would know how the kid feels.
ITS okay to study, but let kid play like for 2 hours a day. Make it an incentive for the kid to study well, High grades, more time to play. Not Low grades-less time to play then HIGHER grades no TIME to play. Let the children BE children.